Tracey Neuls

  • Client
    Tracey Neuls
  • Location
    Coals Drop Yard, London
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    © Basis Lighting
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We were approached by award winning shoe designer Tracey Neuls to create a retail lighting scheme for her new store in London’s Coal Drops Yard. Tracey’s shoes are innovative and beautifully made and we wanted to provide lighting that would reflect the individuality of her designs.

The shop which is located in beautifully restored Victorian coal drop sheds at London’s Kings Cross has vaulted ceilings and natural light coming from the front window. We strove to deliver the right quality and quantity of light for a retail environment whilst highlighting the unique architectural details of the Grade 2 Listed building.

We designed a lighting scheme which combined our popular Kuper light fittings the B320 Micro Kuper and the larger B619 Kuper fitting which takes a Soraa lamp. The Kuper fittings were mounted on small round enclosure boxes laid out in a diamond formation. We then developed a series of interconnecting tubes to link the lights and act as conduits over the barrel vaulted ceiling. Particular attention was paid at the design stage to make sure the correct quality of light and beam angles were used to highlight Tracey’s unique method of displaying her shoes suspended on red ribbons. The light illuminating the length of ribbon as well as the individual shoes attached to the end.

To provide general lighting to the interior, the Kuper 20 asymmetrical wallwasher was fitted to track at the edge of the ceiling. For the store windows, the Kuper Max spotlight would entice customers into the theatrical world of Tracey Neuls.

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